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Success Kim

Korea Fire Fighting Corporation

2 June 1950
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Korea Fire Fighting Corporation, who are the inventor of Nude Fire Extinguisher, Transparent Plastics , established in 2002, for making a new type of fire extinguisher which can automatically suppress the fire occurred at same time that can be manually treated by hands. you can find the concept of this patented internationally fire extinguisher, which can be filled up with Dry Chemicals, Wet Chemicals, even Halon.
This Manually operating and also simultaneously & automatically erupting fire extinguishers might be replaced with your existing fire extinguishers nearby around yourself. And also we are maker of the following items
1. Automatically Diffusing Fire Extinguishers(Poly Carbonate Cylinder and Plastics valves equipped)
2. Fire Extinguishers for manual operation
3. Electrical Lamp and Lightings filled with Fire Extinguishers
4. Sign Boards/Display Board/Advertisement Board with electric lumnination filled with fire extinguishers
5. Mist Electrical Lamp for Automobiles filled with Fire Extinguishers
6. Rubber Tyres for Automobiles filled with Dry Chemical and Nitrogen Gas
7. Other purposes for fire extinguishers for such as System Equipment to be used for Twin System (together with AFFF and Dry Chemical)
You can easily find our companys blog sites in the world wide webs, such as AngelFire, MySpace, MadeInChina, TagWorld, ConstantContact, MyWay, Tripod, in the name of Korea Fire Fighting Corporation, as well as the Korean Blogs, such as Daum, Naver, Empas, HanaFos, HotMail, MSN, Yahoo, Google, BlogIn, Blog24, BlogNet Live Journal, Blogsource, Word Pad, Xanga, Imeem, World Sentiment, Tagstory.com,
Photo Bucket, Flckr, Film Loop, Live Digital, Image Shack, Tripod Blogs, Phicture Trail, My Space(More than 20 Groups), Slide.com, Flock, Snap Fish and so on;